Friday, May 9, 2008

Life after school

Jason Says: Graduation has finally come! Yes we are done like Ashley said and we had a fantastic time down in St George and Vegas. Now we're home and we are still busy lol. I'm working a lot of hours for a local startup company, EnticeLabs and I am loving it. It has been so much fun to work there. We have an amazing team and we are putting together an awesome product that I look forward to showing to all of you when it is completed. It's just really nice to love what I do and to have fun while I work.

I'm going to try something new. I'm going to bike to work. Gotta get a bike first, but this will be great for my health and hopefully really good for the budget. This will be a new fun adventure for me.

Out side of work, I have plenty to do. We're planning to do a lot of gardening. I dug up this large wild tree growing next to our house. I learned that the roots do run as deep as what's above ground. That was fun. I've been taking care of the lawn and doing all the little honey-do's that I have been putting off until the end of the semester because the last semester was crazy. I'm also doing little odd jobs like installs a new front and back porch light on the house we're living in. I also do my best to take care of my baby, and my future baby. I love her dearly and love spending time with her. Truthfully, we probably are one of the few married couples these days that probably spends too much time together because we don't seem to get that much done anymore. :)

Life is still wonderful...

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