Tuesday, March 4, 2014

other blog...

So obviously I haven't updated this in a long while. I can't claim I've been great at it, but I HAVE been posting, just on the other blog.


Until we've adopted or the site becomes irrelevant for one of many reasons, I'll be posting there. I'll come back when the other one isn't needed anymore. :)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

picture overload #2

This is us just singing in the rain! The next few are from swimming at the local pool. The kids really love it, and Seth is getting to be a good little swimmer!
Kai is a climber!
Yep, Kai climbed the book shelf in Seth's room and the whole thing fell on him. I heard the crash, ran in there, and it took me a second to figure out what had happened. I could hear a muffled cry from Kai. Seth looked terrified. And the book shelf was laying completely flat on the floor. I had a heart attack when I figured out that Kai was UNDER the book shelf. Luckily he was fine...
Our bathroom flooded upstairs (tank broke) so Jason has been redoing the entire bathroom (paint, tile, toilet, etc.) He's almost finished and he's done a GREAT job.
Threw a bridal shower for my newest sis-in-law. THe boys had a blast helping me set up!
Being lazy...
Found out that Seth is allergic to dogs.
Best pic of my sister maybe ever. :D
This deer keeps eating our baby trees that are trying to grow. I'm torn, because I love the deer AND the trees!
Seth being brilliant!
The kids and I at a magic show. I will post about our Tahoe vacation and car wreck later.

Picture overload

I have about a million pictures that I've been meaning to get on here and haven't done it, so now you will get to see so many that your brain will go fuzzy. Sorry.
The boys have gotten into playing dress up. They love it. Kai has a Kangaroo costume that he thinks is a monkey. It's SOOO adorable to watch them running around sweating to death in those costumes and not caring a bit because they're so happy. :)
This is us at the tulip festival at thanksgiving point. We went with our neighbors. It was really pretty! We had a wonderful time. I think it will be even better next year when the kids are a little older and we can stay a little longer.
There is an AWESOME park around the corner from our house, and these swings are just part of it. Seth thinks it's a rocket ship swing. We've gone several times this summer and it's always fun for everyone, young and old.
This is probably my favorite picture that I have ever taken. It makes me tear up and I can't exactly explain why...
We got a swingset! It was way cheap at a yard sale. To get it home, Jason and our neighbor hung out the sides and back of a minivan to hold it on top. Such a guys way of transportation. lol! But the kids have enjoyed it, so I guess it's worth it! :)
This is Jason and I as our team won the stake futsal championship! Jason was the goalie and a real asset to the team! We couldn't have done it without him. I on the other hand was dealing with my back pain so I wasn't great to say the least. I am just grateful that I was able to be out there at all. :)
Kai got sick and had to have a nebulizer. He screamed if the steam went in his eyes, so we started using these awesome sun glasses and turning on a cartoon every time he needed a treatment. He was the coolest sick kid around.
Seth insisted on wearing these to Walmart and I let him. He's such a cute little nerd!
Happy birthday daddy!
Seth loves playing MarioKart Wii and he's GOOD at it! If people saw how good he is they would think I let him play all the time but I SWEAR I don't! The next photos are all vacation photos from Jersey over the 4th of July.
I'll let you all take a breather before we continue our picture bombardment. Remember, this is a whole summers worth of pictures, so there are plenty more to come! :D

Friday, March 9, 2012

John Carter the movie was awesome.

I just got back from seeing john Carter and I'm completely wired from all the chocolate and caffeine that I can't sleep so I figure I should blog about the movie.

I thought it was great.   I would recommend it to everyone over 13.  It has action, battle scenes, a love story, sci-fi and a good story line.  Felt like the 'first' star wars.  I hope it does well so that they decide to make the rest of the books.  Oh and I will definitely be reading the books.   I would give this movie an 8.5 out of 10.  Great flick.  I'd like to own it.

So have any of you seen it?  What did you think?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ice Skating

Ok... so I totally over planned this trip and we didn't get to everything. The plan was to have the kids nap in the car as we drove to Salt Lake City, do some ice skating at the Gallivan Center, eat dinner, go see the lights on Temple Square, and then see some animated lights on the East side of Lehi that are supposed to be cool if Seth wasn't asleep by the time we got there. Haha! I was dying tired by the time nap time hit, so I decided to leave after their nap instead so I could get a nap also. We then had to have dinner first because it was later by the time we got there. We ate at Tucanos which took longer than a normal restaurant but was amazingly delicious. I promised some ice skating to Seth as we ate dinner so that was next on the list. That means that we didn't get to anything else. It turned out great though. Seth and I ice skated and Jason and Kai watched from the sidelines. I didn't know this, but everybody, no matter the age, has to wear skates at the Gallivan Center.
We had sooooo much fun and I can't tell you how many people swooned over how cute Sethie was on his skates. By the end he was getting pretty good too! He was a trooper, even when he fell. He could have skated all night and cried when it was time to leave... but that could have been because it was after his bedtime and he was really tired.

Friday, January 20, 2012

My own website!

Jason has finished my website for proofreading! I'm so excited. I know this is out of order and I haven't even posted about Christmas yet. (I'm so behind at this point...) But I feel like I am finally an official proofreader. I've gotten a lot of job offers lately thanks to a wonderful review from an author with quite a few followers. To see the review, go to:


To see the kindleboard review, go to:


To see my personal website, go to:


Hopefully you or someone you know needs a proofreader! I would be glad to answer any questions you have. Don't hesitate to contact me. (My contact information is on my website.)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


We went to Las Vegas for a business conference that Jason had to attend for work. I went with him just for fun and we left the two boys with my parents in Wyoming. They had a wonderful time there and I'm really grateful that I have wonderful, willing, loving parents that I trust with my life, because that's what my boys are to me. They also have the most wonderful Aunt Holly and Uncle Zach right around the corner who helped a ton and have two boys right around Seth's age who he LOVES to play with. Here are just a few pictures from our trip. We have been to Vegas a few times now so I didn't take a lot of pictures since a lot of it looks the same every time we go. So here's our awesome view from the 30th floor of the Aria.
I missed my boys while we were gone. I put their pictures up in our room and called them every night before we went to bed.
My favorite part of Vegas, and a part that is different every time I go, is the Belagio Gardens. They are astounding. They had a bunch of animated penguins in one section.
Here are some bells (6 to 10 feet tall each) that were really neat to see.
And here is my favorite part of the Gardens this year. There was a father, mother, and baby polar bear all made out of carnations. 5,000 carnations for baby bear. 13,000 carnations for mother bear. Father bear was even bigger but I don't know how many carnation they needed to make him. There was a train with a camera on it and you could watch it in another part. All in all, pretty awesome. This is mother bear.
These are in the bottom level of Crystals (and expensive shopping center) and they are huge. They tower over me. I saw some little kids playing amidst them and it made me miss my boys so much.