Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Baby Seth updates

Ashley writes: That's right. For all of those who don't know, we are naming the baby Seth Asher Case... unless it comes out not looking at ALL like a Seth. Seth is Jason's middle name, and Asher is the male version of my first name, so he will essentially be named after both of us. :) I am 29 weeks along. Only 11 left! We couldn't be more excited for him to get here.

Lately he's been doing this thing where he sticks his head or bum (I can't tell which it is) out really far and you can feel a huge bump on one side of my tummy. My tummy then looks lopsided, which is pretty funny. I wanna know what in the world position he is in to make such a big lump in me. lol! Sometimes he'll stick out a foot or something and make a little bump, but usually it's a giganto-bump, so I don't think it's his itty bitty foot most of the time. He kicks as often as he is able it seems. I can't tell the difference between his punches and his kicks. Should I be able to? Maybe some of you moms can answer that one for me.

I babysat my newborn nephew a bit over these past couple of weeks and it got me all excited to have a newborn in the house and take care of him and all. My brother, Zach, and his wife, Holly, are adopting a newborn from my mentally handicapped cousin who is incapable of raising a newborn. This will be their 4th kid (3 of the 4 are adopted) and they are way excited. Unfortunately, the little tike was diagnosed with a blood infection when my aunt (my adopted cousin's step mom... yeah, it gets complicated) took him in for a circumcision and found out he had a fever. Aparently one of his valves between his kidney and his bladder didn't form right, so the urine travels backwards through his system for a little ways. It didn't get all the way to his brain, so that's good news. They can't operate on him, so he will be on antibiotics until he tests out okay. We don't know how long that will be, but it could be forever at worst. But because of all the complications, he couldn't be alone even for a moment for a very long time. We took shifts watching him at the hospital in Provo and at my aunt's house once he was released. It was pretty fun for me because I got to know the hospital and some of the staff pretty well and I am really impressed with their facility. It was fun to see the laboring mothers walking the halls and the anxious dads trying not to walk too fast and leave them behind. lol! It was also fun to be around the baby because it made me a little calmer about complications. That may sound strange, but things really turned out for my nephew and he will be okay, which more or less showed me that a problem is just that, and can be solved. I love modern technology!

Another reason the anticipation has increased over the past little while is because Jason and I are working on a nursery. It is slow going right now because I get heartburn really easily these days, but it is coming along and will hopefully be done soon enough. We started by ripping down the wallpaper in the only room that hasn't been re-done in the past little while in this house. (We are still living in my grandma's house, taking care of it for her since she is in the rest home.) We then washed all the walls and the ceiling. (The ceiling was gray from all the years my grandma smoked in the house... kinda gross, but gone now.) After that came filling the holes from nails and such and then sanding down the putty when it dried. Then we dusted off the walls from the sanding and started priming. So far we have only primed one wall, the closet, and the ceiling. We have three walls and a window sill left. Then we start painting. The ceiling, three walls, and closet are all going to be a light beige color. The other wall and window sill are going to be baby blue. We are going to do accents in brown and I will make the curtains on me fantastic new sewing machine. They will be dark blue with a row of big old buttons across the top. I don't have a pattern, so I will be making it up as I go along. (I've only seen them in a magazine; wish me luck!) All this will match the crib set we picked up. We have a crib and matching dresser/changing table also, and will assemble them once we have a place to put them. The nursery doesn't have a single monkey to go in it, which is unfortunate seeing as Jason really wanted it to. That is the only drawback of the whole project.

Jason thinks it would be fun if I made a prediction about Seth's personality based on his actions that I can feel. That way we can come back later and see how accurate I am. :) So here it goes...
I think Seth is going to be a snuggly little guy, but I think he's going to be way active too. He is just too active now to calm down once he's actually here I think. He's gonna crawl and walk late I fear, but only because Jason and I won't put him down enough for him to practice. lol! But I think once he is mobile, we won't be able to keep him still any longer. He'll have too much energy and too much curiosity to stay put. So there it is, my prediction. Whether I am right or wrong, this is going to be a funny blog to go back and read later.


Kristen said...

Hmm . . . I don't remember for sure, but it seems like kicks are probably harder since the leg muscles are stronger. I guess it's too early for your Doc to tell if he's head down (and not big enough to stay put anyway). Once they stay in place, then you can tell what it is by the location (usually hands and arms down low, and feet and knees up higher. Of course, if the baby's breeched, then that's opposite). But I don't remember when they usually move into position.

The weirdest thing is after they're born and you recognize their movements from what you felt inside!
Such an amazing thing.
Good luck with everything!
Where are you delivering?

Ashley Case said...

I'm delivering at the hospital in Provo. I have a really good doctor there. He's a really big guy but very nice, like a teddy bear. My aunt works there as a nurse and recommended him. He was the one she chose when she needed some work done so I can't think of a better recommendation. :)