Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Saturday at the latest

So I don't know what to write, but it's been a while and this may be my last chance to blog before the baby gets here. After that, I will definitely have something to say. ;) Everything is set up and ready to go for baby. I'm actually quite proud of Jason and me for being on top of things and having everything ready to go. I remember reading something around 35 weeks that was talking about painting the nursery. My only thought was, "I can't even bend over without flames running up my esophagus. How would you paint a whole nursery now?" I was grateful to have it all done and ready to go. I finished the quilt I was making for little Seth. That was a good day. And I am more than half way done with the curtains for the nursery. I was really behind on house work and getting this place clean enough for a newborn, but thanks to my mom and my little sister, Alyssa, things are caught up now. That was the part I was afraid wouldn’t happen, and it’s possibly the most important part. My problem is that I can’t bend, reach, climb, stretch, lift, or move quickly. Try doing house work without doing any of those things.

I just keep thinking that next time I’m pregnant, I will have a little one running around. I don’t know how anything will get done at that point. I’m sure I’ll figure it out but it’s given me a new respect for moms. Pregnancy is one of those things you really can’t understand until you experience it. My dad said he had been pregnant seven times and I corrected him and said he had been the partner of a pregnant woman seven times. He more or less said it was the same thing and I realized how much he didn’t know about being pregnant at that time. I’ve been around pregnant women before. It’s definitely not the same.

I went to the doctor today and found out that he is leaving for a two week vacation next week. So my options were to get induced before he left or have a different doctor if Seth came after next Wednesday. What I’m hoping is that I just go in to labor in the next few days, which is definitely a possibility. If not, I’ll be induced on Saturday whenever the hospital calls and says they’re ready for me. Though I didn’t want to go that route, it has its pluses. Hopefully it just happens naturally. Wish me luck!

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Kristen said...

Good luck to you both with everything! We will be thinking of you and keeping you in our prayers - and we can't wait to get the news!!! :)

Quite true that you don't really understand pregnancy until you've been there. And then if you add in all the individual differences between how things are from one person to another, and even one pregnancy to another, and each experience is completely unique. Amazing, really.
Anyway - we can't wait to meet little Seth.