Monday, May 25, 2009

Our Memorial Day

On Memorial Day:

We did a TON of gardening in our back yard. My grandma loves ground cover plants. They are like vines that grow in the dirt and kill your grass to make room. We dug up almost all of it in the back yard in the last few days. (Jason did most of the work, but I helped.) When we are done digging all of this up, we will re-seed our lawn and hope for the best. I will never plant ground cover... ever.

After Jason did a ton of work, the baby started crying while I was running the weed whacker in the front yard. So they hit the hammock and this is how I found them.

I left them in the hammock for awhile while I picked ground cover roots out of the dirt. It didn't take long for them to get nice and relaxed...

This is another part of our yard that we've been working on. We have pheasants that keep eating our strawberries, so Jason built this little cage. And it works!

We are actually getting big red strawberries now and we can't wait to feast on them! The plants and flowers are way pretty too, so it looks good in the yard.

These are just some of our irises. I love all the different plants in our yard now that we have tamed most of them. It's interesting to see their seasons and colors, etc.

After we went back inside, Seth decided he needed to test the durability of our coffee table. He pulled himself up to it and started chewing on the side. Funny little bug! It took me awhile to get this picture, because he kept looking at the camera and falling over and things. It was pretty funny.

No, we didn't make it to the cemetery and I feel like a heel... but we plan on going later this week. Every days a good day to honor those who have given their lives for us, right? That's how I'm justifying it any way...

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The Peterson's said...

I can't wait unitl I have year to work in! that is the best I think! Gald you had a wonderful Memorial Day!