Sunday, September 13, 2009

More Up-Date Blogging

So the next big event after the Relief Society Retreat was Father's Day on June 21st. Honestly, there isn't much to write. I made Jason a Father's Day CD and pampered him all day. We aren't doing any gifts this year for holidays and it's made it a very odd year, especially for the holidays you don't really decorate for, like mother's and father's day. Without decorations or gifts, it feels like just another day even if we try to make it special. Does that make me really shallow, that I want either decorations or gifts or both to make it feel like a holiday? Maybe it just makes me lucky that every day is as good as a holiday only without the decorations and gifts.

So on to the 4th of July. I usually love the fourth, but this year it was just aggravating! My back was out because the baby cried all night and didn't let me lay down at all. (I have back problems that I'm not sure all of you know about... anyway...) We went to the parade with my sis and dad and mom. My dad went early and got us good seats so that was good. Unfortunately I was in a terrible mood because I hadn't slept and I was sitting on a folding chair which really hurt and trying to lift my ornery son through the whole thing which hurt even more. We went home for a while and I had my dad try to realign my back all morning, which would help for about 30 minutes before the pain returned. We then went to a sidewalk sale thing in Provo and Jason got really ornery because he hates walking around at those things. It also took forever there. We were there all too long. We went home for a little bit then went to temple hill to watch the fireworks in the Stadium of Fire. (You can see them from all around.) We got there plenty early but Jason ran to the store to get a few things and it took him a really long time to get back due to traffic which was also aggravating. (My back is still KILLING me remember.) Seth had barely slept all day and wasn't sleeping at all at the fireworks. We forgot things to do while we waited for the fireworks to start, so that was kinda boring. Then people kept parking their cars in front of us and I finally went and told one guy to move his vehicle, which I think surprised everyone, including the guy in the vehicle. It then rained on us as we were walking to the van, which was way far away. So Jason took off to get the van to come pick us up, and didn't specify where he was going to pick us up at so we were lost more or less. Then the fireworks started again... YEP! we thought it was over and it was about half way through. So we tried to watch the other half but there were trees in the way where we were standing, but we didn't want to go somewhere else and become even more lost. Jason eventually found us and then the police couldn't figure out which way to send us and sent us INTO the dead end traffic at the stadium. We couldn't even turn around so my dad jumped out and tried to direct Jason to back up, but people kept walking right behind the van. That's when I hit my limit and jumped out also. I through my arms out and stopped a crowd so that Jason could move. I kept directing Jason to back up until he was about a foot from me and a little boy on a bicycle and his parents weren't very happy with me. To say the least, it took us a couple hours to drive the 15 min drive from BYU to our home in Springville. The whole time my back was killing me. It makes it impossible to move my head or my right arm without pain. We finally got home, got the baby down, and fell asleep. Thank goodness that day was over. Obviously my back still hurt the next few days, but at least I wasn't trying to act like it didn't to save a holiday.


Kristen said...

As for holidays, I need good food for a celebration. That may explain how I've gotten into this mess I'm in (weight-wise). If Zac and I don't do gifts for something, we always try to have a nice dinner or yummy dessert. :)

And ouch! That sounds like a 4th of July you'll never forget. I'm sorry to hear about your back pain!!
You'll have to tell me more about that sometime.

Ashley said...

Yeah, I made Jason some good food and all. I love good food for a holiday, but it just wasn't enough. It still didn't feel like Father's Day. (Mother's Day went about the same...) Again, maybe I'm just lucky to have enough wonderful days that the holidays are just regular days with gifts and decorations.