Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My brother Kasey's wedding

I woke up to throw up.
Yep, most of it mine.
I took time to wake up
and took time to whine.

I didn’t want to get up
or get out of my bed
but my brother was to marry,
my best friend to wed.

So I had to be there;
I had no choice!
So what if I’m dizzy
and don’t have a voice!

I don’t do my makeup.
I barely brush my hair
but I just kept thinking,
“I have to be there!”

Lucky I have a husband
that helps out a lot
‘cuz he packed all the stuff
that I forgot.

We make it in time.
We rush into the place
and I know everyone
can see nausea on my face.

The ceremony proceeds
and I don’t even hurl!
I even smile a bit
when he kisses the girl.

Then we have the luncheon
the reception, a dance.
I shake so many hands;
no one else has a chance!

They’re all gonna get sick!
poor kids, poor moms!
Maybe I can stop it
with icy hot and lip balm.
(maybe they can stop it
by washing their palms!)

But no, I digress.
They’ll get sick, too.
and we’ll all whine together
about this dumb flu.

I get feeling better
but wonder why
I couldn’t have been sick
a day early or a day shy

of the beautiful wedding
between brother and friend
but at least I’m not sick now
and all bad days end.

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