Thursday, May 20, 2010

Daw's and Guk's: Part 2

So I am revealing the answers to our oh-so-important game that we are playing. I'll let you know who got it right also, because I was incredibly impressed with some people's excellent guesses!

1 daw = dog
2 guk = duck
3 ko = go
Zach, Holly and Ben (heretofore known as ZHB), Mary Jane, Jared
4 ti = tree
5 dada = dad
ZHB, Mary Jane, Zac, Jared, Josh
6 mama = mom
ZHB, Mary Jane, Zac, Josh
7 mow = more
Mary Jane, Zac, Josh
8 car = car (car, toes, and uh oh are his clearest words for sure, even more so than
dada or mama.)
ZHB, Zac, Jared, Josh
9 dow = door
Jared, Josh
10 izit = is it? (this means "where is it?")
ZHB, Zac, Jared, Josh
11 izdis = is this? (this means "what is this?")
ZHB, Zac, Jared, Josh
12 shuss = shoes
13 s, s = sippy (I don't know why he won't say this more clearly, but a couple S
sounds always means "sippy".)
14 awbo = apple
15 or = orange
ZHB, Jared, Josh
16 nana = banana
ZHB, Mary Jane, Zac, Jared, Josh
17 uhoh = uh oh (he knows what it means, but uses it in the middle of his
sentences. For example, "unga a nedel a bu UH OH bu an do a da." Funny Kid!)
ZHB, Zac, Jared, Josh
18 a, ga-a = I got it! (In the grocery store he takes the shopping list and yells
"a, ga-a!" He loves that game.)
19 saw = sock
20 teeseez = teethies (He means teeth. He loves brushing his teeth.)
21 jees = jesus
Mary Jane!!!
22 baau = ball
23 choo choo = choo choo train (His latest obsession.)
Mary Jane!!!
24 dat = that
Mary Jane!!!
25 issa_____ = it’s a ______
26 ub = up
27 shu = shirt
28 ais = eyes
29 nos = nose
30 toes = toes
31 bobow = bubbles
32 uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh = I don’t know, but he says this all the time and
thinks I should know what that means. Lol!

He says a lot more words, like this, no no, and fishies. He started out only saying cheese for a camera which a two year old girl taught him that I tended for a while. Now he's starting to make the connection with actual cheese though. I just thought I'd give you guys a little taste in to how my linguist skills are coming in handy. I promise I have to translate EVERY DAY! Lol!

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