Monday, June 14, 2010

Pipes Game - Version 3.0

So I'm pretty close to having fully playable game. I added some big things in version 3. Here are the new upgrades:

  • Tracks High Scores
  • Allows you to enter a username to associate with the scores
  • Allows you to play in 4 different skill levels, Beginner, Novice, Advanced, and Expert
  • Added a menu which will let you start a new game, view high scores, or exit the game
I think that's it.  My next goal will be to either add additional game play modes, or I will add internet connectivity so we can have global high scores as well as local scores.  This way you could compete against the world of pipes users.  Which would you prefer me to work on next?  More game play modes so you can play more than the standard "beat this level in 25 turns" game, or internet connectivity?

This is a free Flash game built in Flex for the AIR Framework. Clicking install will install the app as well as the AIR framework if you do not already have it.

Jason Case

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Aaronius said...

Internet connectivity.