Sunday, September 12, 2010

Seth and ABC's

I just have to brag a little bit! Though he calls them "A-B-B's", Seth knows almost all of his capital letters and several of his lower case letters. (He calls the lower case letters babies. It's adorable!) He points them out anywhere we go. We can't read a book anymore... we just point out all the letters he knows. In the grocery store, I hand him a box of something we are buying and it's just as good as a toy most of the time because he can pick out letters as we go. His biggest flaws in all of this are: 1) he calls C *slurp*slurp*slurp* because that's the sound the Camel makes on Fisher Price's ABC game online (See link below) 2) he calls the G "for Araffe" meaning "for Giraffe" obviously... again, it comes from the Fisher Price game 3) he calls the T *roar* because of Tiger. Guess where that came from? (Again, see the link below!) Personally, I LOVE these cute little 1 year old mistakes; it means he's still my baby (a little).

(P.S. We have started to play the toddler version of the game, and now Seth knows where a lot of the letters are on the keyboard since he has to pick them out himself. He's too smart!)

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