Thursday, November 10, 2011


1) ZALES! We got the warranty on my wedding ring, so as long as I got it cleaned and inspected/tightened every 6 months then any problems would be taken care of for free. Well, the 6 month mark fell on the same month as when we bought our house and moved, and right after I had Kai and got my mouth surgeries. So the last thing on my mind was taking in my wedding ring to be cleaned. Of course, right after that one of my diamonds fell out. I took it in to get an estimate and it was more than we could afford right now, so I've looked unmarried with two kids for a while now. When I went to get it back from them, they decided to replace the diamond for FREE!!! I'm so excited, and grateful. A woman's wedding ring is just SOOOO close to her heart. It has been so sad to go without it lately. 2) My visiting teach-ee. That's right, the lady I am supposed to visit as one of my (three) church callings. I called to tell her I couldn't babysit for her like we had planned earlier because I was pretty sick and both of the kids were also. And just a couple of hours later I get a knock on my door. She brought me homemade bread and soup! And it was wonderful! She simply said that she understood how much I WOULDN'T want to cook while being sick. What a sweetheart. How did I get so lucky to be able to Visit Teach her? 3) My home teachers. Our lawn mower broke and we took it in and got it fixed... and then it broke again. Booooo... so we took it in AGAIN and never heard back from the guy. He has our lawn mower still. Who knows where he went. We may just be out a lawn mower, which kinda makes me mad... though I am trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. So our home teachers came and mowed our lawn for us, which we really needed since we hadn't mowed it since we laid the sod. 4) Ty Hutchinson. He's the author that is giving me my start as a proofreader. I am so excited about this whole deal. What I've done so far has been FUN! Who says that about their work? lol! I can't wait to do more and get more experience. Any authors out there that need a proofreader??? :D 5) Allen at Fair Auto. In trying to buy a new car, we have brought a few cars in to mechanics to be inspected. They charged a lot and one outright lied to me. We had a mechanic that we LOVED in Springville. (He's located in South Provo.) And it's been hard to not have him in our back pocket anymore. He did an inspection for us for free on one car. And he's always been honest and fair. His name is Allen and his company is Fair Auto. If you are around there at all it's worth the trip to take your cars there. 6) Kelly at Intermountain Physical Therapy. Not only was he a GREAT PT for Kai and really encouraging, even when things weren't going well, but he was also wonderful with Seth when I brought him. He always helped me carry out the car seat with Kai strapped in it, or he carried Seth on his shoulders or something. Seth got to know him as the doctor that showed him boats. He was specialized in torticollis which was Kailand's problem, so I was more at ease handing over my baby. 7) Family. We have had several family members from both Jason and Ashley's side of the family that have given us things. Essential things. Clothing for our children, strollers, water storage bottles so we now have two weeks worth of water in a disaster. The list goes on and on. There's no way to add up how much everything means to us. So if you notice, most of our blessings listed above are people. We have some wonderful people in our lives. There are obviously more blessings than I can list. These are just the few that I happened to list. What are your blessings? What has been on your list lately?

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