Tuesday, December 27, 2011


We went to Las Vegas for a business conference that Jason had to attend for work. I went with him just for fun and we left the two boys with my parents in Wyoming. They had a wonderful time there and I'm really grateful that I have wonderful, willing, loving parents that I trust with my life, because that's what my boys are to me. They also have the most wonderful Aunt Holly and Uncle Zach right around the corner who helped a ton and have two boys right around Seth's age who he LOVES to play with. Here are just a few pictures from our trip. We have been to Vegas a few times now so I didn't take a lot of pictures since a lot of it looks the same every time we go. So here's our awesome view from the 30th floor of the Aria.
I missed my boys while we were gone. I put their pictures up in our room and called them every night before we went to bed.
My favorite part of Vegas, and a part that is different every time I go, is the Belagio Gardens. They are astounding. They had a bunch of animated penguins in one section.
Here are some bells (6 to 10 feet tall each) that were really neat to see.
And here is my favorite part of the Gardens this year. There was a father, mother, and baby polar bear all made out of carnations. 5,000 carnations for baby bear. 13,000 carnations for mother bear. Father bear was even bigger but I don't know how many carnation they needed to make him. There was a train with a camera on it and you could watch it in another part. All in all, pretty awesome. This is mother bear.
These are in the bottom level of Crystals (and expensive shopping center) and they are huge. They tower over me. I saw some little kids playing amidst them and it made me miss my boys so much.

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