Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ice Skating

Ok... so I totally over planned this trip and we didn't get to everything. The plan was to have the kids nap in the car as we drove to Salt Lake City, do some ice skating at the Gallivan Center, eat dinner, go see the lights on Temple Square, and then see some animated lights on the East side of Lehi that are supposed to be cool if Seth wasn't asleep by the time we got there. Haha! I was dying tired by the time nap time hit, so I decided to leave after their nap instead so I could get a nap also. We then had to have dinner first because it was later by the time we got there. We ate at Tucanos which took longer than a normal restaurant but was amazingly delicious. I promised some ice skating to Seth as we ate dinner so that was next on the list. That means that we didn't get to anything else. It turned out great though. Seth and I ice skated and Jason and Kai watched from the sidelines. I didn't know this, but everybody, no matter the age, has to wear skates at the Gallivan Center.
We had sooooo much fun and I can't tell you how many people swooned over how cute Sethie was on his skates. By the end he was getting pretty good too! He was a trooper, even when he fell. He could have skated all night and cried when it was time to leave... but that could have been because it was after his bedtime and he was really tired.

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BrItTneEanN said...

That sounds fun, we love to ice skate! We haven't gone in a couple of years.