Monday, January 28, 2008

We're staying in Utah

Hey everyone, Ashley and I wanted to start a blog. So we'll be trying to keep up with our lives and posting interesting things on here. So keep checking back if you want to keep up on our lives. We want to make sure everyone knows what's going on if they want to know.

So the first thing I'll share with you is that we have decided to stay in Utah and work for the startup company, EnticeLabs. After a long period of study and prayer, we decided that we would stay. We strongly felt like this is where we need to be. We also thought that if we were ever going to try out a risky startup company, then we needed to do it now before we get wrapped up in our lives and have kids.

So we should be here in Utah for about 3-4 years at least unless something happens. Then we'll make a decision if we want to go somewhere else or stick around. We are doing wonderfully. we have been blessed in so many ways and although there have been times when we feel lost and confused, we feel that the Lord has been watching over us and directing us. Sometimes it has felt like direction into very strange and not understandable paths. We'll continue to follow no matter what the Lord tells us, but we are hoping that he gives us some direction soon.

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