Monday, January 28, 2008

Our late Honeymoon in Florida!

So we had a blast in Florida. We had wonderful flights and a great experience with the car rental. We actually got a pretty sweet car to drive around. We received a place to stay in Ormond Beach, Fl (which is right by Daytona Beach) from Grandma Arthur. We love Grandma! The place was great. We got there on Saturday and it was beautiful. We drove to our place and crashed for the night.

We spent Sunday at church and walking on the beach. We were collecting seashells. The water was freezing for Florida, but it's what I remembered Ocean City's water to be in June or July.

Monday, New Year's, was spent at Disney World - Epcot. This was fun. The lines for rides were ridiculously long but we had tons of fun. I had never been to Disney World so it was a great experience for me. They had the best fireworks that I have ever seen... Seriously. They were awesome. We got home that night around 2 or 3 am.

We then slept most of Tuesday and went to a really nice dinner at the Chart House. It was probably one of THEE best steaks I have ever had. It was amazing.

On Wednesday, we went to Disney World again and this time went to Hollywood Studios. The rides here were MUCH better and the lines were smaller too. We had so much fun here. I was actually pretty impressed by some of their rides. This time we made sure we understood the FastPass's and we used them as best we could. I have to say that one of the best things here was the fantismo or fantistico or something like that. It was a show on the water at the end of the night. I loved it. The worst part was that it was absolutely freezing and we had worn shorts. So we ended up having to buy plenty of hot chocolate and a blanket to stay warm. We still had loads of fun.

On Thursday we went to International drive and walked through Wonderworks. This place is definitely recommended by both of us. The house was a lot of fun. It's a building turned upside down. They have all of these scientific "rides" that you can play with and they actually had one ride that made me completely nauseous. We were in control and we just spun it and spun it and spun it as fast as we could. I was done for a while after that. Later we played LazerTag (and I kicked everyone's butt... Maybe that was because I was the only one that knew the rules because they didn't explain them at all.) After that we went to the comedy show. This was hilarious and so much fun. I would go to this show again if I went to Orlando again.

Friday was awesome. We ended up going snorkeling with Manatees and scuba diving. Scuba diving was fun because we had never done it but snorkeling was amazing. Mostly because of the manatees. We went to an area where we got to play with them and scratch their backs and everything. It's amazing how playful these animals are. We’ll post some pictures when we get a chance.

Saturday we came home. We loved it in Florida and look forward to going back. It was amazing Grandma. Thank you!

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Kristen said...

Hey guys! Welcome to blogging! You just need to distinguish who's writing what, so we know who's doing the talking. :) Anyway, it will be fun to get your updates. Have fun