Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Feeling like a man

I (Jason) felt like a real man and husband after completing two projects this last Monday. I installed a digital thermostat in place of our old round honeywell unit. And it works great! Then I went on to install a newer security light in our back yard. It was pretty sweet. I was really excited to see that both were pretty simple and both work great!. I love doing these little Mr Fixit things and look forward to doing it more in the future.


Kristen said...

I thought for sure this title was going to have reference to being able to make a baby!! :)

zac said...

I did think the same thing as Kristen.

Anyway, I've felt like a man a couple times in my adult life too. For example, I've been finishing a room for Michaela down in our basement and it has literally put hair on my chest. I've also had some really manly yardwork and car repair experiences. If I keep this up folks might start beginning to believe that I'm actually old enough to have 4 kids. Hah!

Thanks for hearing me out.