Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Who should I vote for?

So, I (Jason) used to absolutely hate listening about politics, but lately I have really become more intrigued by the political scene. I have found that there are several things that I really agree with and support and several things that I have grown to greatly dislike. Through all that I have learned, I have found that the person I would most like to be president to be Mitt Romney. It really has nothing to do with him being a Mormon any more. At first, I have to admit, I really wanted him to win strictly because he is LDS. As I have been watching him and learning about what he stands for, I have learned many reasons why I think everyone should vote for him.

I have been studying economics at school and have really learned how important it is to understand economic forces in order to make even decent changes that will cause good results in the economy. The biggest issue is that economics isn't a subject that people can easily recognize if they understand it or not. They only learn if they are correct by succeeding, failing, or studying the successes and failures of others. Mitt Romney is the only candidate that has a chance of winning that can truly make great strides in with the economy because he is the only one experienced and school in economics. I think this is a huge issue and I believe he is the number one candidate for people who truly care about the future of the economy.

Other than Mike Huckabee, no one truly stands for what I believe in when it comes to morality and honestly, I despise Huckabee so much that I haven't truly even figured out if he does support my views. Mitt is the only one who is stating that he is for families and for marriage between a man and a woman. He is the only one of the front runners who has the same view on abortion as I do.

Social Security
I'm 100% in favor of a form of privatized social security. I don't care how it is implemented at this point but I know it must be implemented. Especially with these morons in D.C. who are trying to pass a bill that will allow illegal immigrants to use social security. Are you frickin kidding me? I don't even think we should tolerate illegals being here let alone allowing them to use social security. But I'll talk about that later.

I have a very strong opinion when it comes to illegal immigrants. Legal immigrants take the time to learn about America and pass all the required steps to become a citizen. Others get Visa's. (Did I spell that right?) These people spend lots of time, energy, and money to get permission to come to our country. I have no problem with them being here and I think they are very beneficial to our country. Illegals however are a pain. They are getting access to things that I have to pay for and they get it for free. They are breaking laws, and no one is doing anything about it, and they are writing amendments in order to make it easier and less painful to come here illegally. I'm SICK of this. I agree that cities that harbor these people deserve to be punished. I believe that corporations that employ these people deserve to be punished. I also believe that passing laws allowing them to come here to work, and pay taxes and do it in a legal way is a very good idea. The key to my belief is legality. I do not believe we should ever support illegal activity...

I don't know much about this subject but I believe that we are doing well in the war. I believe that we have done most of what we needed to do and that a timetable or extraction is a good idea. I do NOT believe that we should immediately pull out. I do NOT believe that we should stay there for all that much longer either. I think either extreme is the wrong thing to do.

I honestly believe that McCain is a moron some days. Some days I like him. I often feel like he is a complete liar and is just saying what people want to hear. I feel the same way about Hillary Clinton. I think they both are bringing too much baggage to the table will not have the charisma to be good leaders. I do believe that McCain would be a great president for world wide work. He commands respect and speaks well. He is very over bearing though. Mitt and Obama are very very likable. I like Obama. I wish I agreed with his stance on several important issues. If I did, then I would definitely vote for him if I couldn’t vote for Mitt. I think he comes in speaking the truth of what he believes and that he brings no extra baggage. Mitt is said to be a flip flopper, but he simply resolved what he thinks he should support versus his internal beliefs. I think he is very stable in his current stances and that they are what he will support in the future. He stands for something good and pure. He is not a corrupted politician. He is a very successful business who is a proven leader of change. He saved the Winter Olympics. Without him, America would have probably missed out on that opportunity.

I honestly believe that he is the best option for president. He is proven in so many ways and I know he would be a great leader. Unfortunately, I see Mike Huckabee being a complete liar and moron who is trying to block Mitt and allow McCain to win. Huckabee is a liar because he campaigns on the stance that the nation needs a true conservative to lead. However, he knows that he has no real chance of winning. It also seems fairly apparent that he has teamed up with McCain to campaign heavily in the states that they know Huckabee can win. West Virginia. McCain was just not there at all. Did he think he didn't need those delegates or did he think that he would hurt himself by being there because he would steal votes from Huckabee who beat Mitt by next to nothing. I think the two of them are a pair of liars and that neither one deserves to be president. Maybe my view will change in the future but that's how I feel at the moment.

As a side note, I think the whole awarding of delegates is crap. Why would the democrats have one set of rules for how the delegates are awarded and then the Republicans have a different
one? How can we honestly get a true view of how the nation is voting if one candidate is blowing out the others in certain states and then losing by a percent or two in others? The delegates wouldn't necessarily show who really got the most votes, but who won the most states. This doesn't seem representative of the nation’s views at all to me, but maybe I'm just crazy.


Kristen said...

Hi there! I don't usually chat politics (with all Zac's talk, I can't even figure out which party I belong to anymore) :)
But just wondering, who will you vote for now?

Jason said...

I will probably vote for McCain as of now, but I am am really considering voting for Obama. It's a real moral dilemma for me. I really believe that we need to ban gay marriages but I see the reason for unions to protect some rights like inheritance, medical, and other things like that. I do NOT want gays adopting though. i do not think they should be allowed to do that. If that was guaranteed by Obama, and possibly if he said he would not outright allow abortion then I would definitely give much more consideration to voting for him. i don't like either though... so, I'll follow my heart when it comes time to vote.