Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Graduation is coming soon!

Ashley and I will soon be done with school... Hopefully.... We just need to pass all of our classes now. We will officially graduate on April 25th 2008! I'll be graduating with my Master of Information Systems Management, and Ashley is getting her Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics with a minor in Linguistic Computing. 57 more days!!!!!!! Today we went to order our graduation caps and gowns. It was fun to realize how close we are to graduating. I'm way excited to be done and to move on in life.

I think it will be nice to come home and not have to worry about homework for classes that I no longer care at all about. I think one of the things I really look forward to is being able to come home and actually spend time with my wife and not have to worry about what is or isn't getting done. I guess I'll need to find a hobby or something. :)


Kristen said...

Does "getting ready for and taking care of newborn" qualify as a hobby? :)
You'll have plenty to do, don't worry!

Sam said...

There's always time for family later, it's "video-game time" :)

Ashley said...

sam only says that because he doesn't know me all that well. I demand a lot of Jason's time, but only because I enjoy him so incredibly much!

Jason said...

Yes... It's true