Monday, March 17, 2008

I don't feel like doing homework, so I'm blogging instead!

Hey, Ashley again. The title says it all. I am becoming a worse procrastinator than I have been in the past, which is hard to imagine for me. The biggest deterrent from buckling down and doing as I should is the lack of impact my grades will have on my GPA.
If I get all A's (a straight 4.0) my GPA goes up .03, no more than that. It will go from a 3.67 to a 3.70. What motivation do I have? If I get all C's (a 2.00) my GPA drops to 3.50, which still lets me graduate without blinking. Besides school and work and home work and being sick and tired and throwing up all the time, I have an average of 2 extra meetings a week because of my church calling. Not like I mind, but it's one more thing I use as an excuse to not do homework.
Anyway, I will graduate in 38 days! I am ecstatic. I don't know who I've told this to, but I will still be taking classes for insurance purposes. The difference will be that I can choose any class I want, and it will only be 1 credit hour. Not sure what that will be yet. Maybe Judaism and the Gospel? Maybe Water Aerobics? I don't know!
Another thing I am excited for is Easter. Jason and I are skipping town Thursday and I can't wait. I'm excited to be in someone else's house for once, though I fear I will still be sick. We are headed to my parents house to dye eggs and eat jellybeans off the floor. (We have weird traditions.) This is going to sound ridiculous, but I found a good deal on Easter decorations, and it was the best part of my day...

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Kristen said...

Hey, I love the pregnancy countdown ticker! :)

And we're feeling deprived and need to hear more comments from you guys over on our blog :)

Have a Happy Easter!