Monday, June 23, 2008

Baby updates

Ok this is Jason. I figured I should give you all some updates since Ash isn't. :p So we are almost in the 7th month. We start the 24 week this Wednesday. it has been pretty exciting. The baby is way active and is bouncing all over the place. We can even watch him kick sometimes. It's awesome! We've been doing a lot to prepare and it (with everything else we have on our plates) has kept us very busy. We have bought a crib and a changing table and we decided to get the crib sheet and bumper for the crib so we could get colors selected. We're going to strip the wall paper off of one of the rooms and we're going to paint with the colors on the crib set.

If you didn't know, we are having a boy. We have a few names, but we are pretty settled on one, but we are keeping it pretty private until the baby is born. if you really wanna know then call Ash. :) We are having so much fun and we are way excited for the baby to come in a few months. If you remind me, I'll post the ultrasound. it's pretty cool!

So to say the least we are excited. An update on us. We are still in Springville Utah living in Ashley's grandma's house. I'm still working for EnticeLabs in Provo and work is going well. Ashley is now a stay at home almost mom. :) She's doing her best to get the energy to take care of the home. it's gotta be hard to just about anything when you have an extra 10 pounds all of a sudden. She is wonderful though and things are well. Feel free to say hi sometime. :)

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Ashley said...

This is ashley clarifying some things. I'm 24 weeks, which is mid 6th month. And I've put on more than 10 lbs. :)