Monday, July 7, 2008

July 4th

So I have to say the 4th of July Weekend was awesome. Not only did I get a three day weekend but I got to spend it with my wife (Ashley) and her little sis (Alyssa). It was great. We acquired tickets for the stadium of fire for Alyssa's birthday and Christmas presents. She loves Miley Cyrus. Her mom drove her to Utah under the pretenses that she was just going to Bed Bath and Beyond in Utah and then decided to come visit Ashley and I. Al had no clue at all what was going on and just went with it.

After I got home Ash said, "I think we should let her in on the plans..." Al was like, what plans? Kathy (Ash and Al's mom) asked Alyssa to go get the stuff out of the trunk. Al came back with armfuls of clothing. She asked, "Why are all of my clothes in the trunk?" We all started laughing and I hung an envelope of sorts over her head. (Then proceeded to do some weird Rasmussen ritual that says, 'Heavy heavy hang over thy poor head. What would you do with a (you then hit then with the gift on the head) bonk on the head?' Weird... I know) She took the envelope and opened it. Ashley said this was her birthday and Christmas gift all in one. She started reading and was like, "Oh... Cool...". Then she went into what looked like a moment of deep thought... And then she squealed really loudly. :) She figured out that three tickets to the Stadium of Fire actually meant three tickets to see Miley Cyrus! She started flipping out. It was awesome.

Stadium of fire was great. Miley was ok but that's not why I wanted to go. I wanted to see Blue Man Group. I'll tell you what... I really want to go to concert that is just them. They were very entertaining. The opening show with the dancers was fun too. They had 1300 girls all dressed the same and they came out on half of the football field and lined up. They had all kinds of different sports equipment. They ended up acting out every summer olympic event in their routine. It was great. There were several parts where I was like, "sweet!" It was really fun. The unfurling of the flag and the paraschute jumpers were great. It was just all-together fun. I definitely feel like the money was well spent. If someone really cool comes next year, then I think Ash and I may try to go again. Maybe they'll bring Rascal Flatts or something. I'd definitely be at that.

So we had a great weekend going to Stadium of fire, playing games, and watching Lost. We taught Al how to play Settlers of Catan while getting her addicted to season one of Lost. We're all so into it. It's a great show! The only thing that would make it better is if they got rid of the random girls dressed in bikinis. I know I know... It's on an island so I should expect it, but it is still annoying since it has nothing to do with the plot. To say the least... We really like Lost so far.

Life is grand. The baby is growing very well, Ashley is great and I'm doing well also. We got all of the walls in the baby's room stripped and washed. We bought paint and are going to start painting soon. Yay!


Sam said...

You don't have to hide your obsession with Miley Cyrus, Jason. I mean it was obvious with your hannah montana backpack and folders you used while you were in school :)

Jason said...

Hey you leave my Miley paraphernalia out of this... I had them because ... they were given to me as a gift... and... I didn't want my the giver to be hurt if I didn't actually use them... Yeah... That's why.

Ashley said...

Little did I know I had competition with a 15 yr old girl, but I'm sure I'm not the first wife to say that...