Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I was so excited about the nursery coming along so well that I thought I would update everyone else, though I doubt anybody will be as excited as me. Anyway, we had to strip the walls of some very old, very nicotine covered wall paper. (It looked Beige and Dusty Rose colored, but it turned out to be White and Baby Pink once we got it down. Gross.) We also had to wash the ceiling, which looked Gray but was White underneath the filth. We washed all the dust and stuff off of everything. After that, we taped newspaper around the base of all the walls and in the window and laid down tons of tarps to protect the new carpet. Next, the base coats (3 base coats, to be exact) are finished on everything from the ceiling to the walls, base boards, closet, etc. We then painted the ceiling and three walls and closet and base boards all a color called Muslin. It's a soft soft soft beige color. (2 or three coats on that, depending on the area) The other wall is Tile Blue. We finished that also (2 coats there and in the window sill.) Now I am detail painting around the corners of the blue wall so that it is as straight as possible. When that dries, we will tape off a border around the whole room that will be about 7-8" thick. We will paint a dark brown border about a foot down from the ceiling. Then, we will use vinyl lettering in Cream within the border. It will contain random "virtue" words. We have already ordered them, and I'm really excited to get them and see what they look like exactly. They had a display so you could get an idea, but these things are always a little different in person. I also want to see the size of the words. They are supposed to be 6" tall.

When that's all done, I will make dark blue curtains to hang in the windows. I saw some I really like in a magazine, but that means I don't have a pattern. It won't be the first time I will be completely winging it on a sewing machine, but wish me luck anyway. :) The curtains will have big wooden buttons on them, which will be adorable, because the crib set we bought has circles on it. We will also assemble the crib and dresser/changing table. We gotta hang the door back in the door frame also. After that, it's just a matter of deciding where everything should go!! I know this all sounds like a lot, but we are SOOOOOOOOO much closer than when we started.

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Kristen said...

you'll have to post pictures! sounds cute :)