Monday, September 15, 2008

New Job and stuff

(Jason) I just figured that I should let everyone know that I'm no longer working at EnticeLabs. I absolutely loved working there, but because of some circumstances out of my control and the companies for that matter, I decided to look elsewhere for work. I just started at Omniture three weeks ago and have been loving it. I have really been blessed to find some great places to work. Omniture is a web analytics company. Basically, if you have a website and would like to know everything about what a user is doing on your site and what things cause your site to be the most successful and profitable then you should be using Omniture's products. The stuff we do here is absolutely awesome! It's a great company to be with. We got some stellar benefits and life is going very well. I think my favorite thing is the benefits. I'll mention just one that is going to be great for us: 2 weeks paternity leave. Sweet! So in a few weeks I'll be able to enjoy my lovely wife and wonderful little boy without HAVING to go to work. I'll probably work but either every other day or half days or something. It will be so nice.

Outside of work, I have been keeping really busy. We finished the nursery! That took a lot of time, and I've been doing other odd jobs around the house. I'm repainting the shelves downstairs, Jared and I installed some lights with a switch in the basement, I built some shelves in our pantry and am painting it all, and have installed some dimmer switches throughout the house. They've been some really nice upgrades and it has been nice to learn how to do it. The best part is that all of it has been super cheap because of bargains that we find.

Life is still going very well. Stay in touch everyone!

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