Friday, November 14, 2008

This is a one month update on Seth... Yep, it's been more than a month. I can't believe it. It flew by to say the least. Anyway, my mom stayed to help us for a week after he was born and Jason had two weeks paternity leave, so he was around for quite a while also. It was so nice to have both of them around and to have time to feel like a family. It really helped me settle in to a routine with the cute addition around. When Jason went back to work, I went to our first pediatrician appointment. In two weeks, Seth had gained 5oz since birth (13oz since we left the hospital) and weighed 7 lb. 13oz. He had also gained an inch and was 20 in. long. He said everything was great with our baby and that he was really strong which is a huge relief. :)

I also went back to guitar lessons that day. I strap a snugglie to my front and insert Seth. (Thank you Kristen and Zac... you saved my life by letting me borrow your snugglie.) Before I do up the last strap on the snugglie, I sling the diaper bag over my shoulder, then finish doing up the snugglie. I then throw the guitar case on my back. I look a little overloaded doing it that way, but there are too many stairs to take a stroller. Everybody in guitar class thinks he's adorable, of course.

On the 30th of October, we went to help Jason at his work. They were bogged down painting for their Halloween party. Apparently they do a competition every year for the best decorated building. It was pretty fun to get to know some people from Jason's work. We went to his work's party on Halloween and got to see all the decorations. It was pretty cool! They did a really good job. Seth slept through the whole thing, which was probably good. We stayed home and gave out candy that evening and watched The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, which we hadn't seen forever.
The next day was Super Saturday in our Ward, which I'm in charge of since I'm the second councilor in Relief Society. I took him, but should have left earlier than I did. Oh well.

The day after that was Seth's baby blessing. We loved seeing everyone there to support us. Family is wonderful, isn't it? Anyway, we had found a cute blessing outfit for cheap on earlier in the week and we sewed it down smaller to fit him. He looked so cute. There was another baby being blessed first, a cute little indian baby, and then it was our turn. Jason gave such a WONDERFUL blessing. He really spoke by inspiration. It was really neat to sit and listen to all the blessings that could be his, and ours, if we choose.

Seth's one month birthday (can you say that?) fell on Veteran's day (Nov. 11th of course). We were going to have his picture professionally taken, but couldn't schedule it. We were also going to go do something to celebrate, but Seth was pretty ornery (which means mom was also) so we stayed in. Jason fixed us some amazing homemade hot chocolate from scratch. It was great.

So, that's what we've been doing for the past month. Now you're all caught up!!

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Kathy said...

It was good to hear from you. You look happy and your little one is so cute. Let us know where you are and please keep in touch.
Kathy Miller