Friday, March 20, 2009

Seth has really grown in the last month!

Seth in his jumparoo. He loves this thing. I just thought this photo was adorable. Now on to more important events that have taken place over the last month...

These are pictures of the Denver, Colorado Temple. We were there to watch my brother and his wife get sealed to the three kids he just adopted. (He was married in the temple so his son is already sealed to them.) It was wonderful to be there and watch such a historic event in their family. It was like deja vu from when my brothers and I were sealed to our parents, even down to the screaming baby! :) We had such a good time and the spirit was really strong. (Notice all the babies in the first photo aren't looking at the camera at all! Lol!)

We went to Casa Bonita afterward for dinner and had to try this hat on Seth, of course!

Another one that I just thought was adorable.

Grandpa Case came to visit and finally met Seth! Yay! It was wonderful to have him here to break up my monotonous days. We had family meals on Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday while he was here and it was good to get to see all of the family. We don't get together often enough. When Grandpa left, he cried at having to say goodbye to my sweet little guy and it was really a touching moment. Now the goal is to get Grandma Case over this way to meet Seth!

We started giving Seth rice cereal before bed. This is his first time trying it and it didn't go as bad as I thought it would! He's an expert at it now. We have tried some baby food too and found out
1) he hates bananas. He pulls a really cute bitter beer face when you give them to him.
2) sweet potatoes plug him up.
3) prunes do an excellent job of undoing what the sweet potatoes did. (I won't post those pictures in case we have anyone with a weak stomach watching, but I did take pictures; it was that bad!)

His latest thing is "dadadadadadadadada" and not one "ma" in the whole bunch. Lol! He can roll from his stomach to his back whenever he wants now and has rolled from his back to his stomach a couple of times, but he doesn't do it on purpose yet. It's usually when there's a toy just out of reach that he stretches for, but when he flips over he can't see the toy anymore, so he automatically flips back on to his backside. It's pretty funny to watch.

Yep, I dyed my hair red again last night. This is what it looks like this morning. (Thanks Jason for the excellent dye job!)


Kristen said...

Such cute pictures!! :)

The Peterson's said...

He is getting big! I haven't seen him since he was born! What a doll!