Sunday, February 8, 2009

My quirks

There's a thing going around facebook that asks for 25 of your quirks. So here's my list:

1) Labor wasn't as painful as everyone said it would be.
2) When I found out my husband has a brother named Josh, I got really skeptical of that brother. (Too many bad memories of too many Josh's...)
3) I feel like I have very few true blue friends.
4) I could read, eat, sleep, and sit in bubble baths all day every day and not get bored.
5) I don't like any type of stir fry or seafood... period.
6) I'm a FREAK about Lord of the Rings. (Best paper I ever wrote in College was about the linguistics involved in LotR.)
7) I'm starting my own online sewing business ( but it isn't up and running until about April.)
8) I play the flute, piccolo, trombone, guitar, and piano... for now.
9) I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but I'm sure most of you knew that.
10) I had a hard time naming my son Seth Asher Case because his initials are SAC, but no other name felt right.
11) I have worked in a concession stand, been a lifeguard, a swimming teacher, a water workout instructor, a secretary, a seamstress, a janitor, a maid, a technical writer, a missionary, a dissolver operator out at the mine, and a homemaker.
12) I'm the enrichment counselor for my ward's relief society presidency and there are many times I feel inadequate to the job.
13) I would consider myself pretty if I got my teeth fixed.
14) Divorce scares the ba-gee-bees out of me. I wouldn't wish that on any family.
15) I love playing board games.
16) I can beat anyone at Monopoly.
17) I served my mission in the Canary Islands and the mission got shut down while I was out there.
18) I can't think of a happier time in my life than right now, even though it's hard sometimes.
19) I hate doing dishes, but could do laundry all day. It's actually kind of relaxing.
20) I minored in Linguistic Computing and can program in VB and a little in C++.
21) I get along easier with people that are older than I am by a few years.
22) I love family time; it's the best time.
23) I don't think I'm really good at any one thing.
24) My hair is dyed red right now and I'm loving it.
25) I am not a patient person. It's the one attribute I most desire.

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Amy said...

Hey Ashley! I saw a link to your blog on Sandy's and I thought I'd stop by and say hi! It's fun to catch up on what's been going on in your life. :)

I have a blog also at if you are interested!

Amy Allred