Monday, June 8, 2009

A new image

So, not only does our blog have a new look, but we got more pictures taken of Seth. Yeah, I know, we've taken a ton. But we get to order five of these pictures, no more, no less. So tell me which of the following pictures you would choose if the choice was yours! I need help deciding and love hearing others' opinions on this kind of thing!


Kristen said...

First off, I really like your template! :)

And I really like the pics of you and Jason looking at Seth (I like the one in color, but the B&W is cute, too). And I love the super close up of Seth with his big blue eyes. This is really hard to choose without seeing them all at once (and I can't go back and see them or I'll lose my comment).
I liked the ones of Ashley and Seth. And all the ones of Seth are cute! You can't go wrong! (I know, I'm really no help).

But I most especially like those big blue eyes. :) So cute.

So, off the top of my head, if it were me, I would pick one of you guys gazing lovingly at your baby, one family shot with you all smiling, one of mom and baby, one cute baby full-body shot, and one close up of Seth. There. :)

Good luck!

The Peterson's said...

There are so many that are cute! I love the one of you and him, also I love the one of him sitting and it is a close up. So cute!