Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The BCS is a joke

This is a good example of how I feel about the BCS.

It is ridiculous and it is an oligopoly which I believe is illegal which makes me wonder why the government hasn't stepped in.  We would never stand for the oil companies getting together and deciding on a price to charge and then screwing over every other gas station out there.  This is called collusion isn't it? The BCS must be removed before college football can ever again be taken seriously.  Fans become more and more critical of the system with each year as they continue to see more and more teams get screwed out of a chance for a title.  College football, you are the only sport that can never claim that you won a championship game.  How does that feel?  You can never prove anything because you are never given a chance to prove you can beat the best.  You can only prove that you can beat the team that the computer put you up against.  This is why the BCS Sux and we need a college football playoff.  Don't tell me there isn't enough time, because most leagues end in early December and the title game is in January.  This easily gives enough time for there to be a three week playoff or something like that.  Even a "plus one" playoff would be better than what is currently happening.  Have the top four play and then the winners play each other for the championship.  That's only ONE EXTRA WEEK!  Oh and that other excuse about it being too hard on the players and that they need to do school work is dumb too.  Alabama just gave 3 days off or something like that to ALL STUDENTS, and not just the players so that they can travel and attend the game.  Obviously this doesn't seem to be a problem.  Your excuses are as ridiculous as your system.

End the stupidity.  Form a playoff of some sort...

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