Tuesday, January 12, 2010


(Jason) So I decided that our blog needed some updates.  We have been extremely busy with life and we haven't posted in months.  Here are some updates on our life:

  1. Seth is now 15 months old.

  2. 2 Weeks vacation for Christmas in Wyoming was a ton of fun

  3. Working for Adobe is a great thing.  They have awesome benfits and have really taken good care of us.

  4. Ashley is now 26 and is more beautiful than ever.

  5. I just earned 5 more bonus points for my previous comment.

  6. Ashley will start tending two kids from the neighborhood 4 times a week starting today.

  7. We have been following Dave Ramsey's financial dieting and have paid off about 60% of our debt during last year!! (It's tight sometimes)

  8. We expect to be out of debt this time next year (Except for the house which we hope to buy next year)!!!!

  9. I plan to start an exercise program called Insanity this next week.  We'll see if I can shed some weight doing it.  More like, We'll see if I can keep doing it... I'll shed the weight if I stick to it.

  10. Ashley and I are closer, happier, and more talkative than ever.  We love each other and I am so happy we have what we have.

Well, I hope that helps catch you up a little.  Let us know if there is anything that you would like us to update you on.

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