Thursday, February 25, 2010


So I don't know if any of you remember sleepovers with your friends. You watch a scary movie, eat until you can't look at food anymore... Then, when everyone is tired, punchy, and a little spooked, you all sit down and play "werewolf". I knew it as "murder" and I know there are several other names for it. It goes something like this:

Let's say you have 12 friends (yeah, it's a huge sleepover. Maybe it's your birthday or something.) From a deck of cards you separate out one ace, one king, one queen, three jacks, and 6 of anything else. Mix up these cards and then everyone draws one. the ace is the seer, the king is the healer, the queen is the hunter, a jack is a werewolf, anything else is regular human. Once you have your roles there is a "day time" when everyone can talk and look around etc. You try to gather clues as to what everyone is. At the end of the "day" you ask if there should be a hanging. If you don't want to kill anyone off everyone puts there heads down and the spokes person (whose head is also down) calls out the roles one at a time. When the seer is called, he can tap someone on the shoulder and, without looking at the seer, that person shows their card to the seer. Next the healer is called. The healer taps someone on their shoulder and that person can't be eaten by the werewolves. Then the werewolves are called. (cue creepy music...) All living werewolves silently pick one person to tap on the shoulder. That person waits until "day time" is called and then screams and falls down dead. (The hunter lies in wait. If the last living werewolf eats the hunter before only two players are left, the humans win. If this happens then, instead of screaming and falling down dead when "day time" is called, the hunter announces that he is the hunter and has shot the werewolf, and the werewolf screams and falls down dead and the game is over.) You play until either the werewolves win or the humans win.

It's a pretty fun game and there is an online version that we would LOVE to have more people join. It is a website run by a guy named Stenu that built it himself. The website is (Click on the following...) You have to sign up for an account, but you don't have to give too much info at all. You then go to "Waiting Games" and pick what game you want to join. (There is also Risk that they call "Fisk" and you get an email when it's your turn, which is cool. There are some other games too...) Click "join" and you are IN!!! Then you can click on "Own Games" and your list of games will appear under three tabs... Running, Waiting, and Ended. You'll get an email when the game actually starts. That's about it.

Anyway, PLEASE come join us. We have fun!

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Jason said...

I love playing this game and Risk (Fisk). It's nice to be able to play the game without having to sit down for several hours to finish. I'm jcase16 on there and Ashley is dancer02. Werewolf seems very odd at first, but becomes much more fun as you learn the game and the other players better. I really like that they do not require much time to play at all. You just play when you can. Come play. It's a lot of fun.