Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pipes Game

So I told you all that I was making a game. Well here is version 1.0. It is a basic straightforward game where you select colors to connect to your main pipes that start in the top left corner. The goal is to fill the screen with a single color of pipes. You will then move on to another level. You'll gain points as you increase the size of your pipe set. The larger the group of pipes changed in any turn, the larger the amount of points you will receive.

Please let me know if you run into any bugs so i can fix them. Also, please offer any feedback or suggestions that you have. I want to make it better. I plan to add other game play to it. I plan to add mini games wher eyou can see how many levels you can make it through while only having 25 turns (or so), a game where you have 100 total turns and you see how many points/levels you can earn, and one where you get 50 levels, then 49, then 48, and you see how many levels you can pass.

Click install now below to play. Have fun. And let me know if you have any ideas for this game or for another game. Just in case you were wondering. This game is built in Flex and packaged for AIR. This means that I could turn this into a web application as well. If you would prefer to play online and not on your desktop, then let me know. I may consider modifying the game and hosting it on jasoncase.com...


Ashley said...

So, The game is really big on my screen. I can't see the whole game at one time. Maybe this can be fixed?

Jason said...

Yeah, I forgot that I was coding on a 1440x900 resolution screen. I'll shrink that.

Jason said...

I've updated the game. It should work much better on your resolution now.

Unknown said...

What a great game Jason! Fwahaha took me a couple turns to realize what I was doing, but I really enjoy it.

So I was thinking, perhaps you could put a restriction on turns needed to progress? I've only played a couple levels now so I'm not sure if you've already implemented this further in the game, but if not just throwing it out there. Or instead of doing that, maybe have awards for levels: gold being done in x number of turns or less, silver being slightly less demanding and maybe copper having no restrictions?

A final thought for now, perhaps a localized score board so the fiance and I (along with visitors) could all compare their scores? Maybe a "High Score" menu option?

Just a few thoughts, I really do love the game for it's simplicity and complexity, great job man!