Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Belly Bumps

Just a cute story...

Seth went to the doctor today for his 2 year check up and got 2 shots (2nd Hep A and flu) so he wasn't feeling great when it was time for his nap shortly thereafter. He NEVER falls asleep in my arms. I think the last time this happened was about a year ago, not kidding. Anyway, he was cuddled up with me because he wouldn't take a nap and he was actually starting to fall asleep when the baby started kicking right where Seth's belly was touching mine. I think Seth thought it was me trying to play a game with him or something, because he started to "belly bump" me back. It was so cute. Every time the baby kicked him, he belly bumped me. I was trying so hard not to laugh because I knew if I did Seth would never fall asleep!

As a side note, Seth did finally fall asleep in my arms and I LOVED it. He just never does and I know I won't have the opportunity to cuddle him like that for much longer.

Later, when Jason was home, Jason stuck a little stuffed lamb up Seth's shirt. Seth pointed to it and said, "Baby!" It was so funny. That turned in to a twenty minute game between the two of them.

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