Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pipes version 4.0

I finally completed version 4.0 of the Pipes game.  I took some time off away from developing it, but I'm back and the game is better than ever.  Added in this release are two new game modes.  Now you can play in standard mode, progressive levels or 100 turns.

Standard will allow you to pick one of the four levels of difficulty and then receive 25 turns to finish the level.  Essentially, you stay at that difficulty and see how many points and levels you can rack up in the fewest amount of turns.  100 Turns allots you 100 turns to finish as many levels and earn as many points as you can.  And the last mode, progressive levels, increases the level of difficulty every few levels until you reach expert.  Your goal is to finish each level in the fewest amount of turns possible, earn the most points, and to reach the highest level that you can.  I'll tell you now; expert is pretty dang hard.

To get the link please click "install now" below:

This is a free Flash game built in Flex for the AIR Framework. Clicking install will install the app as well as the AIR framework if you do not already have it.

Jason Case

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