Thursday, September 15, 2011

Starting September

I got new glasses! The last time I got new glasses was when I worked at the mines because I had to have prescription safety glasses. You can imagine how flattering those are. I also got two pair of cheap glasses off the internet ( about two years ago. One pair was $8 and the other was $12. Needless to say they are both bent like crazy, the one pair never fit my face correctly so they fell off if I looked down, and I chipped one of the lenses. Don't get me wrong; I was STOKED to get new glasses at all, and I am so grateful that I had glasses to wear for the last two years, but it was definitely time for something REAL. I don't look great in this picture, but my glasses do! :D
We all dressed up for the Ole Miss game, BYU's first football game of the season. Here are my boys!
Kai doesn't have a BYU shirt (I know... I know...) but we did decorate his helmet like and actual BYU football helmet.
As though a corrective orthodic helmet isn't enough, the poor kid has now been assigned a TOT (Tubular Orthosis for Torticollis) Collar. It goes around his neck and has hard pieces of plastic on his left side (his bad side) to jab his jaw and irritate him if he tries to lean that way. Sounds pleasant doesn't it?
And I had to throw this one in. No one gets to see my beautiful little baby boy without all his gear. So here he is. Enjoy, because I know I certainly do.

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