Sunday, August 19, 2012

picture overload #2

This is us just singing in the rain! The next few are from swimming at the local pool. The kids really love it, and Seth is getting to be a good little swimmer!
Kai is a climber!
Yep, Kai climbed the book shelf in Seth's room and the whole thing fell on him. I heard the crash, ran in there, and it took me a second to figure out what had happened. I could hear a muffled cry from Kai. Seth looked terrified. And the book shelf was laying completely flat on the floor. I had a heart attack when I figured out that Kai was UNDER the book shelf. Luckily he was fine...
Our bathroom flooded upstairs (tank broke) so Jason has been redoing the entire bathroom (paint, tile, toilet, etc.) He's almost finished and he's done a GREAT job.
Threw a bridal shower for my newest sis-in-law. THe boys had a blast helping me set up!
Being lazy...
Found out that Seth is allergic to dogs.
Best pic of my sister maybe ever. :D
This deer keeps eating our baby trees that are trying to grow. I'm torn, because I love the deer AND the trees!
Seth being brilliant!
The kids and I at a magic show. I will post about our Tahoe vacation and car wreck later.

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