Sunday, August 19, 2012

Picture overload

I have about a million pictures that I've been meaning to get on here and haven't done it, so now you will get to see so many that your brain will go fuzzy. Sorry.
The boys have gotten into playing dress up. They love it. Kai has a Kangaroo costume that he thinks is a monkey. It's SOOO adorable to watch them running around sweating to death in those costumes and not caring a bit because they're so happy. :)
This is us at the tulip festival at thanksgiving point. We went with our neighbors. It was really pretty! We had a wonderful time. I think it will be even better next year when the kids are a little older and we can stay a little longer.
There is an AWESOME park around the corner from our house, and these swings are just part of it. Seth thinks it's a rocket ship swing. We've gone several times this summer and it's always fun for everyone, young and old.
This is probably my favorite picture that I have ever taken. It makes me tear up and I can't exactly explain why...
We got a swingset! It was way cheap at a yard sale. To get it home, Jason and our neighbor hung out the sides and back of a minivan to hold it on top. Such a guys way of transportation. lol! But the kids have enjoyed it, so I guess it's worth it! :)
This is Jason and I as our team won the stake futsal championship! Jason was the goalie and a real asset to the team! We couldn't have done it without him. I on the other hand was dealing with my back pain so I wasn't great to say the least. I am just grateful that I was able to be out there at all. :)
Kai got sick and had to have a nebulizer. He screamed if the steam went in his eyes, so we started using these awesome sun glasses and turning on a cartoon every time he needed a treatment. He was the coolest sick kid around.
Seth insisted on wearing these to Walmart and I let him. He's such a cute little nerd!
Happy birthday daddy!
Seth loves playing MarioKart Wii and he's GOOD at it! If people saw how good he is they would think I let him play all the time but I SWEAR I don't! The next photos are all vacation photos from Jersey over the 4th of July.
I'll let you all take a breather before we continue our picture bombardment. Remember, this is a whole summers worth of pictures, so there are plenty more to come! :D

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