Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sorry it's been so long!

Ashley says: I know we haven't updated anyone lately and I apologize. We finished classes, took our finals, and graduated! Graduation was fun, with Jared and Heidi and some of my family there. I hope the rest of you out there received your invitations. We sent them out but we didn't hear back from a lot of you, and this years graduation was a little weird because there were no tickets; anyone could come that wanted to. I think some people didn't think they were actually invited to attend because of that, and I apologize again for not letting everyone know. I didn't even know they used to have tickets to graduation. I blame my lack of knowledge on the fact that I've only attended BYU for two years now and I've never graduated from here before... obviously. It all went really well and the food and conversation afterward were fun.

The next Saturday we went garage selling because we actually had time to! yay! Later that day we decided to randomly run down to St. George and stay as long as possible. It was a blast and completely spontaneous. We really just laid by a pool, went shopping, slept, sat in the jetted hot tub in our room, watched movies, ate a ton, etc. It was good to just get away. And as an added bonus, we got to come home and have our room clean every day, instead of us doing it. :) Tuesday we decided to run down to Vegas and hit all the free entertainment we could find. We finished the day by attending Monte Python's "Spamalot" with John O'Hurley as king Arthur. Hilarious! We had a tiny problem when we sat next to a drunk man and the smell of alcohol was making me need to puke... again. (I had already puked twice that day, once in a ziplock bag in the car and once in the subway parking lot with a very interested security guard lady looking on.) Luckily, we were allowed to move into the seats that people didn't show up for on time, so we ended up away from the smelly drunk man and got really really good seats!! It was a good show to say the least.

Now we're home and Jason is at work full time. I am still taking classes for insurance purposes, but it's only one credit, so it's not a big deal. Update on the pregnancy: I am still throwing up which sucks. I can't feel the baby move yet. I still need my naps almost daily. And I look like I have a beer belly, but I don't look pregnant yet.


Kristen said...

Congratulations to both of you on your graduations!! We were confused by the ticket thing - we figured Ashley's parents and others would need the tickets. So, sorry we missed it. And we wanted to send a card - but I guess the stores haven't stocked graduation cards yet. Anyway - excuses, excuses. Sorry. But Congratulations! And glad you got away for some fun time. And I hope you stop throwing up soon. Don't forget we have that bag of maternity clothes for you. And have the books been helpful at all? Anyway - we need to plan a Case family get together for this summer. Picnic/BBQ/at a park/reunion type thing. :)
We think about you guys a lot and hope everything is going well.

Ashley said...

We definitely need to get together this summer. I'm just glad the invitations to our graduation got out. I wasn't sure if they would need more stamps or what. We haven't forgotten the bag of maternity clothes, and I will need them soon I fear. I get bigger daily it seems. Luckily I'm not that far yet. The books have been way helpful, and you were right; the weekly book is fun to have so that you have something new to read every week. :) We think/talk about you guys all the time too. Glad to hear from you!