Monday, February 28, 2011

Family Update

We haven't written in a while, so I just want to give some quick updates.  On January 16th Kailand Zachary Case was born.  He was (if I remember correctly off the top of my head) 7lbs 10oz, and was 19 inches.  He came with a full head of black hair and is as cute as can be.  He had some issues with jaundice, but he is doing fine now.  We also found out that he has eczema and a reflux issue.  These have been "fun" to deal with, but he is getting better very quickly with the eczema, but the reflux doesn't seem to be going away.  We'll see how this works out.

Seth also go sick recently and ended up with an upper respiratory problem, and he had almost completely lost his voice.  It was really sad to hear him get excited, angry or sad because his voice would just go raw and die off...  Luckily he's doing much better now.  Seth is genuinely one of the most fun, happy and lovely kids you could ever meet.  If you haven't met him, then you really should.  He's simply amazing and he proves this more and more every day.  it's not often that you find a kid that everyone complements in passing.  "Oh he is so cute...  Man you have the best behaved kid ever..."  Those are things we hear everyday.  Crazy...  It makes you wonder if it is simply his demeanor and who he is or is it the parents parenting styles?  We have no idea, but we hope Kai ends up being just as sweet and nice.

Seth loves taking care of Kai to the point that he "helps" by getting in the way.  It's funny.  He loves cuddling up with Ashley and helping to hold the baby.  Ash took a picture today that showed him "reading" a book to Kai.  So cute.  He also had the hiccups today, and because we have been teaching him to say excuse me, he kept hiccuping and saying "Excuse Me!" each time.  :)  He still loves his cars, trains, and anything else with wheels.  We can't wait until summer comes so that he can get out more often.  We finally got enough snow the other day to take him outside and really play.  I took him around in this blowup sled we got from walmart and he loved it.  We threw snow at each other and he got out and pulled the sled himself for a long time.  it was super fun to just watch him try and waddle through the snow.  He does new things every day and it's hard to keep up.  He knows all of his letters (lower and capital), their sounds, and he can pretty much count to ten.  He repeats us when we pray and shouts Amen at the end.  He likes when I grab his ankles and he walks on his hands.  I'll try to share more as the days go on so we can have these things documented.

Kai's eyes have turned blue just like seth's.  We're pretty sure he is going to have bright blue eyes when he's done changing.  His hair is no longer black and is more or a brown to light brown.  He sleeps a lot, unfortunately doesn't poo as much as he needs to, and still isn't sleeping well, but we think this is due to being constipated.  Hopefully this works itself out with the meds.  He has been able to temporarily hold his head up since he was born.  He has a strong neck, or maybe it's that his head is so much smaller than seth's?  He, just like seth was, is very strong.  Hopefully he'll grow up strong like his brother.

Ash and I are doing well also.  Well, as good as you can while not getting much sleep.  Work is going very well for me at Adobe Systems.  I am now a Staff Consultant and am getting a lot of attention for my Flex/Flash knowledge and how we can apply analytics tags to those types of applications.  it's been a lot of fun.  I'll be presenting in about a week at Omniture Summit 2011 on how to tag Flash and Flex applications for different devices like android.  It will be a fun and extremely busy week, but it will be good.

Ash is getting better all the time.  She is feeling much stronger and healthier after Kai was born than after Seth.  We're hoping this is a good sign for her not having more issues with hip and other issues that were caused by the first pregnancy.  She goes to get cleared by the doctor tomorrow, so she may be exercising and working on her goals by the end of the week.  She's a wonderful mom and she really does an amazing job.  I think all good women get down on themselves thinking they don't do a good enough job, but I wish she would realize how good she really is.  I think she is a big part of why Seth is so wonderful.  He learns from her.

Life is good, and we'll try to be more active on here.

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